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Jelly Lollipops -Jellomi

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[Decoria Confectionery Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Decoria Jelly is made with PECTIN, extracted from citrus, thus retaining the texture of the jelly very soft, unlike the Gummy jelly that can be hardened easily in low temperature.

  • Very cute and varied shapes for each season and diverse events are available.
  • Each of the colorful jellies has its wonderful juicy fruit flavor. (Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Watermelon, Lime, Banana etc. -from Japan.)
  • Kid-friendly design and the delicate decoration.
  • with high-quality ingredients for better taste and quality (all ingredients are China-Free & imported from Germany, Japan, and USA)
  • Long shelf-life normally up tp 18 months (in fact, in the FDA regulations, there is no shelf life for jelly because jelly itself is considered fully safe.

Lollipiop Jelly -Jellomi

Jellomi Lollipop
40gr/pc x 15pcs x 12cases/box
Jellomi Lollipop
40gr/pc x 15pcs x 12cases/box
Love & Rose
23gr/pc x 24pcs x 12 cases/box
Rose Lollipop
40gr/pc x 16pcs x 12cases/box
Sweet Rose Bouguet
40gr/pc x 12pcs x 6 cases/box